Psychogenic or physiological disorders are often accompanied by erectile dysfunction. To solve this problem will help the drug is Aurogra-100. An analogue of Viagra has a identical well-known medium properties, which consists in ensuring the quality of erection. This catalog includes top-class product characterized by a safe and effective action for men. Read the description and properties of the drug before you buy the product and start using it.
Product action and features

The basis of the drug is Aurogra-100 is an active ingredient sildenafil

The basis of the drug is Aurogra-100 is an active ingredient sildenafil. This component is a blocker of the enzyme PDE5, the effect of which reduces blood pressure in the penis, which leads to a weak erection. A powerful inhibitor of the compound has a relaxing effect, increases the elasticity of the arteries. As a result of the action of the active component increases blood circulation, which leads to an effective and stable erection. Features of the drug ” Aurogra-100»:

recommended for men with erectile dysfunction, the origin of which was formed on the basis of psychogenic or physiological disorders;
it is effective only in the presence of sexual stimulation and stimulation of the penis;
valid for 5-7 hours;
incompatible with alcohol and fatty foods (they block the properties of the active ingredient, reducing its effectiveness).

It is recommended to use the tool for 50-60 minutes before the planned sexual intercourse. The maximum allowable dosage is 1 tablet, but the first use should be limited to 50 mg of the active ingredient.
Side effects and contraindications

Generic Aurogra-100 is contraindicated in women, persons under 18 years of age and men over 65. Do not use the product for diseases of the kidneys, liver, cardiovascular system.

List of Erectile Dysfunction Medications

Taking a generic can result in short-term side effects. They are mainly manifested through dizziness, nausea, lowering blood pressure, hyperemia of the face, changes in color perception.